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The St. Martin Independent indoor percussion group exists to further multiple aspects of each participants musical goals. Members gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of working together, inspiring each other and supporting the overall vision of SMI. Members become part of the SMI family gaining plenty of life long friendships and memories as they grow in both musicianship and leadership.

How to join

Members are "contracted" with SMI after a series of rigorous auditions. Auditions for membership are held each year in November. Exact dates and times will be posted here. For more information, please make a request by contacting us.

Congrats to our newest Members! 

A list of our performers can be found here: 2022 SM Independent Roster

Emergency Medical Authorization 


Battery Warm Up Packet

Cymbals Warm Up Packet

Front Ensemble Warm Up Packet

Visual Packet



Thank you for your interest in joining SM Independent Percussion this season. 

We are excited to get started!

Location: St. Martin HS 11300 Yellowjacket Blvd. Ocean Springs, MS 39564 

The Schedule (Full Schedule) We begin, as with every season, with Auditions, Evaluation, and assignment of Member positions. Throughout the fall in-person camps are planned and while we prefer in person auditions there will be virtual audition opportunities. 

  • October-November:  Auditions/Primary Membership Assignment
  • December-January: Training/Production Work
  • February-April: Competitive Season

  • Membership If you are a highly motivated individual, age 14 – to the max. age required by WGI, who is interested in becoming a part of the indoor percussion activity, we invite you to audition for SM Independent Indoor Percussion. Membership acceptance is based on work ethic, character, ability level, and audition results. While the average age of the membership is typically over 17 years old, younger students have been accepted based on their exceptional performance quality and individual maturity.

    Proof of Eligibility Members must submit government issued documentation that fulfills age and other related guidelines of the governing organization Winter Guard International.Membership placement and contracting begins in October and will continue into November. Once the staff has had the opportunity to evaluate you through the Audition process, you will be contacted and informed of your next steps.  If you are invited to continue with the program, you will be offered one of three membership statuses; (1) Membership (often called Contracted), (2) Callback, or (3) Trainee 



    In-Person Audition Guidelines

    There are lots of talented people that talk about going to auditions but never do because they are afraid of not making the ensemble. Our team is growing and there will be a lot of opportunities for you to learn and perform at the highest level. Please take every opportunity to ask questions and learn more about playing the instrument of your choice. EVERY spot in the ensemble is open and available each year to the people who audition. Absolutely no spot in the ensemble will be guaranteed to an individual until they have earned it. 

    Experience Camps: $30 Each

    Audition Camps: $50 Each (two payments/weekends) Location: Each camp will be at St. Martin HS 11300 Yellowjacket Blvd Ocean Springs, MS.


    Experience and Audition Camp Fee 

    If you attend all experience/audition camps and are offered a contract, this fee will be applied to your membership dues and will count towards the November payment. You can pay in person with cash, or cashier checks made out to “SM Independent” 

    It is highly recommended that prospective members attend all experience and audition days.All audition days are mandatory. However, if you have a schedule conflict and cannot attend one of the event days, you may still audition for a spot. Please be sure to communicate any schedule conflicts with the Unit Director at: as early as possible so we are aware of your situation.

    Audition Packets
    It is recommended that prospective members review and practice all exercises in their packet as much as possible before auditions. For more details, please contact the Unit Director at: 

    What to Bring to Auditions
    Please bring your own sticks, mallets, and practice pad. Be prepared to practice outside with hats, sunglasses, lotion, healthy snacks and plenty of water. Bring a towel/yoga mat for stretches and other floor activities. You will also need a pencil/highlighter, and a binder with sheet protectors for your music. Please bring your own instruments if possible. There will be a limited number of instruments and we would like to accommodate as many people as possible. There will be a lunch break during each audition day. You will need to bring your own lunch or purchase lunch on your own during the break. Note: Fast food isn’t always fast or healthy. 

    COVID-19 Safeguards 

    SM Independent, Winter Guard International, and the world will need to continue to evolve to understand the ever-changing nature of the world as we approach the planned in-person events. Sanitizer and masks may be required as we follow COVID protocols. 

    Video Auditions 

    Video Audition Process Guidelines 


    Leadership, Member, and Staff Applications 


    In-Person Audition Process Tips

    The audition process will break down into two areas:

     More In-Person Audition Process Tips

    In-Person Audition Guidelines, Video Audition Process Guidelines,  Leadership, Member, and Staff Applications 


    Financial Commitment 

    Membership Dues are critical to the financial picture of this program.You can pay in person with cash, or cashier checks

    made out to “SM Independent”

    What do the Membership Dues include? 

  • Circuit and Membership Fees
  • Show Design and Choreography
  • Uniforms and Alterations
  • Props and building materials
  • Music Composition/Arrangements
  • Music and Voice Samples
  • Copyright Permissions
  • Additional Staff
  • Musical Instruments and Electronics
  • Travel and Housing for WGI Dayton Ohio Trip

    What do the Membership Dues NOT include? 

  • Shoes (We use the Crossover Marching Shoe)
  • Snare/Tenor Sticks
  • Personal supplies
  • Cymbal sleeves, gloves, and straps
  • Rehearsing tools
  • Performance undergarments, and make up

    Minimum Payment Installments

    In the contract presented to each member, a minimum dues installment schedule will be required. These will be non-refundable to assist in covering costs of ongoing education, planning, administration, and general operations. 

    Total Membership Dues $1,200

    $200 a month November-April (OR) If you attend all experience and audition camps those fees will be applied (if contracted). Dues Includes travel and room in Dayton Ohio. 

    Payment methods:

    Checks or Cashier Checks to St. Martin Independent  

    Fund Raisers = Donation Days, Sponsorships, Online Fundraising  


    SMI 2022 Schedule As of 6/29/21 


    Sunday 10 (Experience Camp) 9-5pm

    Sunday 24 (Experience Camp) 9-5pm 


    Sunday 7 (Auditions) 8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 12/13 (Auditions) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 19/20 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm



    Friday/Saturday 3/4 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 10/11 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 17/18 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm 


    Monday/Tuesday 27/28 (Holiday Camps) TBA/TBA 


    New Years

    Friday/Saturday 7/8 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 14/15 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm 

    Sunday 16 (Reg. Rehearsal) TBA

    Friday/Saturday 21/22 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm 

    Friday/Saturday 28/29 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm 


    Friday/Saturday 4/5 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 11/12 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm Gulfport (Sat)

    Friday/Saturday 18/19 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm Harrison Central (Sat)

    25/26 (Mardi Gras, No Practice) 


    Friday/Saturday 4/5 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 11/12/13 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm Hattiesburg (Sat/Sun)

    Friday/Saturday 18/19 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 25/26 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm 


    Friday/Saturday 1/2 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Sunday 3 Southeastern University LMCGPC Finals (Sun)

    Friday/Saturday 8/9 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Friday/Saturday 15/16 (Reg. Rehearsal) 5:30-9pm/8-6:30pm

    Wednesday 20 (Depart for Ohio) 21-23 (WGI World Championships) 24 (Return Home)  


    Frequently Asked Questions:  

    I am not sure if I want to be a member, can I still attend experience/audition camps to learn? Yes! We strive to give everyone auditioning a great experience. Whether you make the ensemble or not, our goal is to help you become a better percussionist and musician. 

    Is there an Experience/Audition Camp fee? Yes, there is a fee and If you are offered a contract, this fee will be applied to your membership dues and will count towards the November payment. You can pay in person with cash, or cashier checks made out to “SM Independent” 

    Should I bring my own instrument to auditions? We will provide instruments for a full drum line and front ensemble. However, we typically see more people attend auditions than we have instruments for. If you have access to an instrument you are encouraged to bring it – though it is not necessary. 

    What is the full schedule for the season? Typically, we will practice Friday and Saturday with a few Sundays and 2 rehearsals over Christmas Break. 

    What is the member fee for the 2022 season? The membership fee is $1,200. The membership fee helps pay for costumes, props, staff, music, drill, equipment, instruments, choreography, registration fees, snacks, travel, and much more. You can pay in person with cash, or cashier checks made out to “SM Independent” 

    Does the membership fee include a trip to Dayton Ohio for WGI championships? Yes, the Dayton trip is included in your total fees. 

    Do we offer fund raising opportunities? Yes, we have several simple fund raisers planned that you can take part in. 

    What type/brand marching shoes do we purchase? We use the Crossover marching shoe 


    If you have any other specific questions about auditioning for the ensemble you can email  

    We are looking forward to an incredible season! 

    In-Person Audition Guidelines, Video Audition Process Guidelines,  Leadership, Member, and Staff Applications